Quality is a habit, therefore pride of workmanship. It is our modest responsibility to serve and spread quality products and services at par at MARUTI, “Quality” is a top-notch priority and is the key factor that drives the team. Regular evaluation of products, customer requisitions, the technical advancement and the market trend ensures MARUTI is always a step ahead. Products at Maruti Ropes are not only made by raw material but also by the years of industrial experience, refined and contemporary resources made to use by trained and skillful hands. Therefore, Maruti products are rich in quality and experience which make it more exceptional.

Maruti ropes is also committed to comply with legal requirements & to determine, monitor and review the information on the issues related to interested parties to enhance customer satisfaction.


In the unlikely event of a production flow, MARUTI is able to track back through the production process, all the way to the raw material, to identify the problem. Using the traceability of quality assurance system, all non-conforming products are marked in the plant using special means. Any non-conformities are immediately corrected and necessary measures are implemented to rectify the problem.