Tape Lines for manufacturing Danline Yarn & PP tapes.

High Quality Doublers

Perfect strand-making machines for higher size rope production. Advanced twisting machines to manufacture rope from 1.5 mm to 60 mm diameter rope in 3-strand, and upto 100 mm dia in 8-strand plaited rope as per IS 5175 and IS 14929.

Latest baler twine manufacturing machines.

Most advanced 8-strand rope making machine.

Total integration is our key to excellence. From high-grade PP/HDPE polymer to finished product, the manufacturing process at MARUTI is fully integrated and automated. Using the latest technology, production procedures have been simplified - right from extrusion to twisting and packing. Customised orders are taken and finished quality products are delivered on time as per required specifications. MARUTI aims to continue guaranteeing perfection by expansion of 32,000 sq.ft. of our production facility.


Blending a team of committed professionals who are young in outlook and rich in experience is a way of life at MARUTI. The technically trained team at MARUTI is committed to perfection. The large workforce of skilled professional team undergoes extensive and regular training programmes in order to gain and improve its skill set and knowledge base. Total quality control, complete customer satisfaction and regular training programmes for our personnel are especially relevant, as they synergise with our corporate philosophy of continuous development.

Our competency
lies in

  • Innovative problem solving
  • Quick and timely deliveries
  • High flexibility
  • Large production capacity
  • Traceability