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Quality is a habit we keep, therefore, our pride of workmanship. It is our responsibility to serve and spread services at par at MARUTI.


We conduct computerized tensile testing for breaking strength along with round-the-clock monitoring and several process checks during manufacturing.


Quality is paramount. To ensure our products are made to withstand all conditions, we consistently maintain and replace our machineries.


Maruti Ropes has 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with a combined area of about 200000 sq. m. These facilities consist of Administration Buildings, well developed in-house R&D unit, quality testing units, machine tool equipment & storage facility. Maruti Ropes has one of the largest team in the Plastics Machinery Industry with over 250 dedicated personnel working in different areas of processing, manufacturing, application development, design, market research & development.



Started Shriram Filaments and Ropes Pvt. Ltd for PP Tape Lines.

Started Chaitanya Ropes Pvt. Ltd. for Monofilament Ropes & Fishing Ropes.

Started with state-of-the-art infrastructure facility at Shri Venkatesh Filaments Pvt. Ltd.

Started manufacturing Mooring ropes on imported machines.

Started global market for Marine application and infrastructure.

Started using solar powered energy with self-owned solar plant.

Established export oriented units at Barshi. Currently exporting to over 10 countries.